My name is Christopher Drew. This is my current cultural output. I'm interested in small press/printing, leftist politics, freedom of information, ephemera, and zines.

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Pushback: Conservative Christians in Missouri

Watch my presentation (made for Mo. Folklore Society Conference 2020)

Reading the Rainbow: The Women's Movement in Print in Southwest Missouri

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Banish the Stargazers? Joan Bodger, the Missouri State Library, and the Freedom to Read Foundation

Meaning in the Use of Freedom: The Free Press Underground, the University of Missouri, and Students for a Democratic Society

(recently nominated for the ALA's 2022 Eli M. Oboler Award for work in the field of Intellectual Freedom)

these are both behind paywalls, if you are a librarian you should support the Journal of Intellectual Freedom and Privacy, if you want a copy of either article email me at cad617@gmail.com


i help with mutual aid and solidarity efforts in the ozarks, venmo the group @SWMO_Solidarity

we've distributed dozens and dozens of tents, sleeping bags, coats, hand warmers, bus tickets, and hygiene products to the unhoused in our community this fall.


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